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Burglar Alarm Installations Swansea

Photo of a burglar alarm that has been installed in Swansea

Research shows that you are very less likely to be a victim of burglary if you have a burglar alarm installed at your place. So intruder alarms are a worthwhile investment as they help to protect your place from unknown people. This is why we offer burglar alarm installations in Swansea as a service.


Can you install burglar alarms in Swansea?

Our company provides a burglar alarm installation service in Swansea. Our electricians are experts in securing the home with the burglar alarm. So no matter what is the size of your property, we can design and install an intruder system that will fulfil your needs. Also, we not only do the installation of alarms but also provide maintenance service to make sure that alarms will keep working in the best condition.

How do burglary alarms work?

A burglary alarm secures entry points as well as the interior space of the place. Various motion sensors are connected to the central security system. When an unknown person tries to get into the area, the burglar alarm will start doing its work. But there are two types of burglary alarms.

Bells only alarm

This alarm makes a loud noise a gives a signal to burglars to leave the place. However, they do not automatically call the police. They are mainly used for prevention purposes.

Bells only alarm

A monitored alarm is either connected with the police or with the company owner. When anyone tries to break into the place, the alarm sends a radio signal to the person to which the alarm is connected.

Contact our burglar installation team!

Both of the above systems can be either wired or wireless.​ So if you want to save your place from burglary, then contact us now and ask about our burglar alarm installations in Swansea service. Then we can arrange to come out and get an intruder alarm installed at your location.