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New Build Electrical Installations Swansea

A light bulb which has been installed in a new build by our Swansea electrical team

Recently in Swansea, there is a great increase in new build homes and offices. This is why we provide new build electrical installations Swansea service for both large and small constructions. It’s important to remember that electrical hazards are a major cause of death and serious injury on construction sites. So professional electricians must do all the electrical work at the construction site for health and safety reasons.


Our company is specialised in new build electrical installations. This is because we first understand the electrical requirements of the new build installation and then design the whole process from start to finish. We have a vast experience in all types of electrical installations in new build properties. So our electricians are fully qualified and have all the equipment needed to complete the task. Moreover, our company priority is client safety. So you did not need to worry about anything. Our electricians in Swansea make sure that you will not face any problems in the future.

Our new build electrical installation services in Swansea

  • Spotlight design and installation
  • Electrical underfloor heating
  • Electric showers and pumps
  • Led Light Installation
  • Power and connection for hot tubs
  • Electric sewage pump controllers
  • Popup socket for breakfast bars
  • Testing and inspecting

These are only some examples of our service. If any service you are looking for is not present on this list, then also give us a call. We provide all the home build electrical installations in Swansea.

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If you want a new build electric installation service, then a Google search for ‘electrician services near me‘ should bring our company in front of you. Then just give us a call and have a friendly chat with our team to discuss your requirements.