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Extra Electrical Sockets and Lights Swansea

Extra electrical sockets that our electricians in Swansea fitted in a bedroom

Many older properties and even some new properties have a shortage of plug sockets. The lack of plug sockets is a big problem nowadays. This is because in this modern world single plug sockets are not enough for heavy usage of modern devices such as televisions, Sky boxes, radios, DVD players, speakers, chargers, etc. But not to worry as we regularly fit extra electrical sockets and lights in Swansea.


Now, you can use extension bars to solve this issue, but it is a short-term solution to your problem. Also, if extension bars get overloaded, then it can cause a fire hazard. So it is a good idea to have an extra socket installed in your home because it is an excellent way of getting rid of the annoying extension leads. Our Swansea electrician provides the service of socket installation. Furthermore, if you have a lighting problem too then also, we can help you.

Extra electrical sockets and lights

Whether you want a new electrical installation or wish to upgrade the previous one, we can help you. Our company electricians have many years of domestic electrical experience, and they have worked on various small and large projects. So no matter whether your home is old or new we can help you to solve your electric socket and lighting problems. Our fully qualified electricians are trained in tailoring the electrical system according to customer needs.​

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This is the type of job that keeps getting put off until it causes you too much hassle. So don’t let it get to that stage and if you want to install an extra socket or lighting in your home, contact us now. Our employees will first understand your problems and then start working on them to give the best results possible.