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What to ask an electrician in the UK?

When you hire an electrician, you trust them to offer a good service and the safety of you and your family. The necessity of finding a trustworthy and professional electrician cannot be overstated. So our team of electricians in the Swansea area has included below some of the questions of what to ask an electrician in the UK.

Ask if the electrician is part of a governing body

To begin, verify if the individual is a registered member of one of the governing bodies e.g. the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA). Choosing a qualified electrician provides additional protection if something goes wrong. But if you wish to verify an individual’s registration, you must contact the scheme directly. Certified electricians in your city should only perform electrical work on your home. A job done by an unlicensed electrician may fall short of local inspection standards.

Check if they have insurance

Ask for proof of insurance. Insurance is a legal requirement for any contractor who works on or within your house. When making changes to your property, particularly electrical ones, always inquire about contractor liability insurance coverage. If something goes wrong and damages your home or a person inside, you want the assurance that accidents are covered. The electrician’s insurance carrier should cover these damages as they are not your responsibility.

Ask about their reviews

Inquire about a reference and experience. A reliable electrician will gladly provide you with a list of their prior customers, and they may even have some online testimonials available for you to read. When it comes to most vocations, the longer you’ve been in service, the more familiar you are with the process. Keeping this in mind, you should look for an electrician who has at least three years of experience in the field.

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See how they'd like to get paid

​Seek clarification as to whether they charge on an hourly basis. This is because all contractors work at a different pace. So you may pay a significantly additional fee from one electrician to the next. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict the speed with which an electrician will complete a project. However, an open-ended project priced by the hour can cost significantly more than anticipated. On the other hand, a contractor who works too rapidly while keeping an eye on the clock is also not good. Finishing work too hastily can result in electrical problems and a shoddy job. So the best course of action is to hire an electrician who costs a set rate upfront, regardless of the project’s duration.

Why should you ask questions?

By asking questions, you gain critical knowledge that may be the difference between decent and excellent value work. It creates confidence in you to take an active role in maintaining the functioning and safety of your house and a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of the task at hand. When it comes to choosing an electrician, security and confidence are essential. It’s one of the riskiest professions to hire so you can’t afford anything less than the best for your home or property.

Ask our electrician anything!

We hope we have covered enough of what to ask an electrician in the UK. This is because the electrician you hire should be someone you can count on under any circumstances. As your local Swansea electricians, we will become a part of your home maintenance team. We’ll thoroughly answer all of your concerns so contact one of our expert electricians right away.