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Decking lighting in the back garden of a home in Swansea

Decking is one of the popular features on the homeowner project list. And adding light to the deck not only creates ambience but also increases its usefulness. Also, deck lighting gives more safety and security to your place. So our company provide decking lighting in Swansea. Plus our electrician in Swansea has years of experience in this work. So we are confident that we can provide the best deck lighting solutions for all your needs. Our company electricians make sure that the installation of deck lights will be attractive, functional and safe.


Decking lighting in Swansea

A wide range of deck lights is available in the market which includes inserting lights for steps, post-top lights, overhead deck lights, railing lights, and ground-based stake lights. Moreover, each light has its benefits.

Decking step lights

Step lights ensure safety to negotiate steps at night, whereas railing lights increase nighttime usefulness and visibility.

Low voltage

Furthermore, the most common deck light is the low voltage type light which uses a transformer to convert 120 volts electric supply to 12 volts. Some deck lights also contain a sensor with which the light turns on automatically during the night time and goes off in the day time.

Good deck lighting

Generally, a high-quality deck light is made up of thick gauge, non-rusting, corrosion-resistant, solid brass, copper, and stainless steel material.

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We install all these types of deck lights, depending on your needs. Also, we not only install decking lighting in Swansea but also offer a repair service. So if there is any problem with your deck light we should be able to fix it.​ So if you are looking for deck installation and repair service then don’t hesitate to call us for our domestic electrician in Swansea. We are happy to provide our service to you.