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A close-up photo of old electric network cables in a house in Swansea

The best way to ensure the speed and integrity of your home data is by installing a network cable. But if you have exclusive wifi in your home, then it is not necessary to install a cable.​ But if you want high-speed internet of 1GB per sec to 10GB per sec, then you must use a network cable. Moreover, a network is more secure as compared to wireless connections. So give our electrical network cables and sockets Swansea team a call for any enquiries.


Can you provide a network cable service?

Our Swansea electrician provides a home network cable and network socket installation service across Swansea. We can help you to get convenient network sockets/boxes in each room. So you can enjoy the fast network speed everywhere at your place.

Neat and clean installation process

The best way to install networking cables in a residential area is to take hardware from input and output sockets and patch ethernet leads from the socket to the router and socket to the receiver. This is because we have seen most of the time meters and meters of long cables cluttering up the living room and hallways which does not look good. Plus, it’s a very poor and flimsy way to install network cables. But our local electricians focus on structured cabling. As the network cables must be installed in such a way that they can fulfil the client’s requirements for today and the future. So to make the process simple, it is well worth putting extra effort to install the correct outlet plates.

Contact our electrician in Swansea right away!

So if you need the installation of electrical network cables and sockets in Swansea then contact us. We will help you with all your network cable installation problems whether you need additional network ports, points moved, or want a complete network wire installation.