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How often should PAT testing be done?

PAT testing is widely recognised as the most effective preventative maintenance approach for adhering to legal requirements and ensuring electrical equipment is fit for purpose and safe to use. Our team of Swansea electricians inspects and tests electrical items. This is to look for potential faults that could pose a threat if left unattended while in operation. We adhere to the IET code of practice for in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment when doing these tasks.

Is there a set routine for PAT testing?

The standards state that testing is undertaken ‘regularly’. However, there are no clear norms or guidelines identifying what qualifies as regular or prescribing how frequently PAT testing should be performed. This is owing to the practicality of diverse locations and equipment, each of which necessitates a distinct approach.

So what are the rough guidelines?

As a general rule, PAT testing should be performed every two years at the very least for portable equipment such as extension leads. However, this is a guideline, and certain aspects should be considered while determining the appropriate testing frequency for your situation. Class 1 equipment (general IT equipment) should be tested every four years. However, handheld and more frequently used and transported equipment should be tested every 12 months due to the increased risk of damage. Portable and handheld equipment used in industrial settings, including commercial kitchens, should be checked every six months. It is suggested to conduct tests every 12 months on other fixed, mobile, or information technology devices.

Photo of an iron that should have PAT testing done regularly

Who and why should you PAT test?

A visual and physical check of all electrical devices aids in the detection of problems and breaks. For low-risk environments, a sensible member of staff can carry out visual inspections according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). But for inspection and testing, you need a person of knowledge such as an electrician. This is because malfunctioning portable electrical equipment can potentially give an electrical shock, which might endanger someone’s life. So this should not be taken lightly. But, you can significantly reduce the risk of electrical accidents, such as electrocution and fires caused by electrical appliances. This is by having your appliances checked by a PAT tester every few months. It’s impossible to say that there won’t be an accident at home, but a PAT test will significantly reduce the chances. Which will protect your family from potentially life-threatening harm.

Makes your appliances last longer

Electrical appliances are not inexpensive. But, if they regularly break down then you will end up having to pay a lot of money to replace them. So do yourself and your house a simple favour by hiring professionals. This is because they have the necessary equipment to carry out routine PAT testing on all of your electrical appliances. This will then prolong their lifespan and save you money.

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