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How to find an electrician in the UK?

When it comes to work that involves electricity, you need to hire electricians who adhere to the most stringent safety guidelines possible. Ideally, they will also have a great deal of expertise in the process of installing, maintaining, and inspecting electrical systems. If you do not hire electricians who meet these requirements, you could put yourself and others in danger. We are aware of how difficult it may be to find an electrician in the UK. Especially taking into consideration that there are many bad tradesmen out there who ‘dabble’ with electrics and offer their services.

Asking neighbours

​​Getting recommendations from people in your area can be an excellent way to find a good electrician near you. It’s possible to ask your neighbours if they’ve recently had any electrical work such as their house being rewired. They can tell you about their experience and recommend an electrician. You can also ask people in your area for recommendations or advice. One easy way to do that is to use social media to get in touch with people. Most of the people who are part of a local group would be happy to talk about their thoughts and experiences. Besides, they might also be willing to recommend someone they know, which would be great.

Online platforms

Nowadays, there is extensive usage of social media platforms for individuals and professionals. The electrical Swansea crew provides a method for our consumers to get services without going through any inconvenience while also being safe in the process. So we are confident that all of our customers can quickly locate our suitable and well-experienced electricians in the Swansea area. You don’t have to look no further, our customers may reach one of our electricians by visiting our website. Then search for the service you need and our number is always present at the top. Now you can call us for anything you require for all of your electric needs. You can also easily reach us by filling out one of our contact forms and a team member will get back to you. Also, if you see our van out and about, please approach us with any questions you may have.

Image of a mobile phone with the Google homepage open which this person could use to find an electrician in the UK

Make sure the electrician you choose has the right set of skills

Not all electricians are held to the same standard. So you need to check that the electrician you employ has the appropriate abilities for the job. Commercial electrical work, for example, is frequently highly sophisticated. These jobs may include extremely high currents, dangerous locations, or more severe regulatory standards and should be performed by a commercial electrician. Depending on the job’s complexity, specific jobs will demand a more skilled electrical contractor than others. If your task requires in-depth knowledge of a particular gear or electrical equipment, you should hire an electrician with experience in that industry.

Touch base with out local electricians right away!

We employ a team of electricians who are all City and Guilds qualified for the 18th edition and have CSCS cards. This allows them to operate in various contexts. All work is backed by a guarantee and complies with all current legal requirements. We’re here to help with emergency repairs to electrical testing and provide landlords with electrical safety certificates. We can also connect you with an estimator who can offer prices for larger-scale installation work and trained electricians who can do an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). So what are you waiting for? Contact us today.