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Why become an electrician in the UK?

The trade sector is growing due to an expanding population and a strengthening housing market. But with a shortage of skilled tradespeople comes a high demand and higher wages. So there has never been a better time to learn how to be an electrician and become a skilled worker. For instance, our team of electricians in Swansea are always in demand since the smooth functioning of our modern lives depends on electricity. On this page, we discuss why you should become an electrician in the UK.

A variety of options

Becoming an electrician opens up a wide variety of opportunities and specialist pathways that can lead to a fulfilling job for the rest of your life. Positions and options range from entry-level trade positions to middle management, engineering roles, and owning and operating your firm. Additionally, many electricians specialise in the electrical business, whether in the building and construction, shop fitting, PAT testing, smoke detection, solar, manufacturing, or even water supply industries. As you advance in your profession, you’ll have more freedom and variety in your work as an electrician. Also, as you gain your employer’s trust, they’ll introduce you to new approaches and give you more responsibilities.

Employed or self-employed

Electricians have the option of working for businesses that are already in operation. Then they adhere to a schedule, and they are compensated every month. But after a few years, there’s also the possibility that you may run your own company and be your own boss. So now you get to decide how many hours you work and what jobs you take on. Plus you are also in charge of determining the compensation rate for each individual work.

Image of a person relaxing which could be an option if you become an electrician in the UK and then start a company and hire people to do all the work

How much can you earn as an electrician?

​ A career as an electrician also offers a high earning potential. A newly qualified electrician can earn between £19,000 and £22,000 per year. As your experience and skill level grow, so will your earnings. But the average electrician’s pay in and around London is £36,000. You determine your pay rate if you choose to work as a self-employed person. Then your revenues could climb more if you start your firm and hire others.

A useful trade to learn

When new technology comes out, the electrical industry changes. So if you want a flexible and challenging job, becoming an electrician is a great choice. Once you’ve mastered your profession, it’s a skill that will serve you well till the end of your days. It’s also a sought-after skill for which your friends and family will seek your assistance and advice.

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