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An emergency call out where the light switch has been pulled out of the wall as it was faulty and so our electrician in Swansea has to replace it

If electrical problems are not solved quickly, then they can cause significant damage to your home and even to your family. Whenever you are facing an electrical emergency, you have no time to waste. So you should call a professional electrician to solve the problem quickly.​ We at The Electrician Swansea offer an emergency electrician Swansea service, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.


Why you might need an emergency electrician in Swansea

Our company electricians are professionals who study extensively to practice their job correctly. Moreover, our staff has all the necessary equipment required to deal with electrical emergencies. So let’s take a look at why you may need to call an emergency electrician service.

Fuses/light bulbs blow very often

If your fuses and bulbs blow very often, then there might be a severe problem with your electric system. It mainly occurs when the fuse or light bulb draws more energy than its capacity. So instead of changing a fuse or bulb and hoping for the best, you should call a professional electrician who can fix this problem.

Lights are flickering

You might think that light flickering is normal, but it is not. It happens because there is a high electrical demand put on the power outlet. So there are chances that you might be running an electric appliance like a microwave or a vacuum cleaner that needs too much power, and at the same time, you just turn on your light as the light will not get the full energy so it will start flickering. But an electrician can help you to solve this problem by installing extra power outlets.

Too many extension cords

It is good to use extension cords, but if you are using too many extension cords, then there are chances that your place has a shortage of power outlets. In this case, our company electrician can fix this problem by adding more power outlets in your home.

Switches are warm to the touch /give mild shocks

If your home switches feel warm to the touch without any reason, then there might be an electrical fault. In this case, the problem can be big or small. Also, if your switches give a mild shock, then it is better to call an emergency electrician in Swansea and let them check the problem instead of ignoring the issue.

Huge electricity bill

If you don’t use heavy usage electrical equipment, but still, your bill is high, then there might be a problem with your electrical circuit. In this case, you should call an emergency electrician to find the problem. Usually, this type of problem does not fix with time. So you need to take the help of an expert electrician to solve this problem.

Any other issues

If the electrical service you are looking for is not present on the list such as your oven going down on Christmas day or your sockets aren’t working before a big family get-together at your home then also don’t worry. Just contact us and our company electricians will help you to solve your problems.

Why you should contact us!

  • Our company electricians are knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced in their work.
  • We are always on time. So if you call us, then we will reach your place as soon as possible.
  • Our staff has a friendly, positive, and helpful attitude.
  • At The Electrician Swansea, our main priority is customer safety.
  • Our company electricians are experts in saving clients money and time.
  • We do all the work correctly, neatly, and safely.

We hope that you may never encounter an emergency but still, to be on the safer side, it is good to save our number. So in case you come face to face with a problem, you won’t have to think about ‘emergency electricians near me‘. Instead, you can just call us straight away.