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Electrical Fault Finding Swansea

Photo close-up of an electrical connector block that has been replaced after a fault finding call out to a house in Swansea

Electrical faults can happen at any time of the day due to various things. Moreover, in this modern world, everything runs on electricity, and if there is a power cut, then it is hard to get by. So our company provides reliable and cost-effective electrical fault finding in Swansea. Once found we can either repair or replace so rest assured that we’ll get you back up and running.


Electrical fault finding in Swansea

Our company have qualified electricians who use various electrical testing equipment to solve most of the electrical within an hour. We have years of experience in finding faults for both industrial and domestic properties. Below we have compiled a list of the top electrical faults that we find.

Most common electrical faults

  • Flooding near sockets
  • RCD tripping / Circuit breaker tripping
  • Exposed wires
  • Complete power failure
  • Socket not working
  • No lights
  • Burning smell from the fuse box

Above are the most common electric faults. Our Swansea electrical team can quickly solve these types of errors. Furthermore, if there are any other faults than these then our electricians can also solve this problem.

Why you should use our fault finding services

Sometimes the electrical faults can be dangerous. So it is good to repair the defects as soon as possible. Moreover, while repairing or finding faults in the electric system, our employees take all the security precautions. But here are some other reasons why you should choose us for repairing or finding faulting.


  • Our Swansea electricians are available at short notice to provide fast service.
  • We do friendly, reliable and clean work.
  • Fast and efficient response time.
  • We take feedback from clients about our work.

Reach out to our electrical company now!

If you are a suspect of an electrical fault, then don’t delay. Contact us for electrical fault finding in Swansea now and get your problem solved.