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Electrical Rewires Swansea

Photo of cables coming out of a wall as our electrical rewires team is working on it

We know the thought of rewiring a home may be off-putting to you. As it is a messy job and takes time to complete, our company which offers electrical rewires in Swansea ensures that the rewiring job will be completed as soon as possible.


Moreover, damage to electrical cabling can cause a potential fire hazard. So your electrical system needs to be checked by a qualified electrician like us.


Our qualified electrical team

We have fully qualified electricians that provide electrical rewiring services in Swansea. We can work on any type of rewiring project in domestic or commercial properties. Our electricians identify the electrical wiring problems in your property and provide you with a quick solution for it. Also, we offer electrical rewires for all electrical appliances and ensure that you will be happy with our service.

Carrying out the job

Firstly we will check all the potential problems and then remove the old and potentially lethal electrical cabling to install the brand-new cables. Then our Swansea electricians will remove and replace all dangerous wiring, switches, and sockets. We also check the Residual-Current Devices and Miniature Circuit Breakers to make sure that these can handle the capacity required by modern household appliances. Moreover, safety is our number 1 priority. So we use the best equipment to ensure safety during the rewiring process. Plus it will also confirm that our clients will not face any problems in the future.

Hire our electrical rewiring team in Swansea now!

Our electricians are very kind, helpful and knowledgeable. They will discuss all your problems with you and only continue the work with your consent. So if you want to book a rewiring service with our electricians in Swansea, then do not hesitate to call. We are happy to discuss your issues and provide solutions to your problems.