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Emergency Lighting Systems Swansea

Emergency lighting above a door of a commercial property

The installation of emergency lighting systems in Swansea is necessary for use in emergencies. This is needed when there is an issue with your main power supply or if your normal light stops working due to any reason the backup lighting can kick in. So when there is a power cut at your place, make sure your lights stay on with the help of our Swansea lighting installation service.


Emergency lighting services in Swansea

The darkness in any place is potentially dangerous, especially in emergencies. So by having emergency lights installed at your location, you can make sure that your area is safe. So no matter whether it is maintained or non-maintained lights, self-contained or a central battery unit, our electricians can handle all types of work. Our expert electricians not only put the lights and cables in but also test the system so you will not face any problems in the future.

Types of emergency lighting

There are a few different types of emergency lights. So we divide these lights into categories depending on their work and the place where they are used.

Emergency escape lighting

These are used to direct people to the exits and make sure they can leave the building safely.

Open area lighting

It is also called anti-panic lighting, and these are used to minimalise panic and make sure people can safely leave the building.

High-risk area lighting

These lights illuminate potentially dangerous areas to make sure they can be handled properly.

Stand-by lighting

These lights are used to carry out normal activities to continue and mimic the lighting levels, usually in place.

Contact us to install your emergency lighting system

If you are searching for emergency lighting systems in Swansea installation service, then contact us now. Then we will help you to keep your place safe by installing an emergency lighting system at your location.