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How to become an electrician in the UK?

For aspiring electricians, determining how to become an electrician in the UK can be challenging. You can obtain various qualifications, and deciding which path to take can be difficult for the inexperienced. There is no quick way to become a licensed electrician. It takes a lot of time and effort to get a license, including years of education and proven work experience. Here, our Swansea electricians have made it simple. We’ll discuss how to become an electrician, so you can take steps to pursue your career dream.

Get an apprenticeship

If you want to get an apprenticeship, there are three ways. They all consider whether or not you already have an apprenticeship with an electrical business. Afterwards, if you pass one of either the AM2 or AM2S tests, you will be officially known as an installation technician/maintenance technician.

NVQ courses

People who want to take the intensive option must be at least 18 years old, and by the end of the course, they should know how to be qualified home installers. You will then be able to get even more qualified in the future by getting commercial Level 3 qualifications. Complete the NVQ Level 3 Electrical Training Course if you seek employment with your electrical capabilities. NVQs are preferred over other credentials by many employers and competent person scheme providers. In addition to expanding your scope of electrical work, earning an NVQ permits you to work unsupervised on electrical and electronic equipment installation, commissioning, and maintenance tasks. An on-site proof portfolio is required for NVQ training, which is lengthier in duration. During the course, you’ll be registered as an electrician trainee and be able to work on-site for pay.

After completion of the course

You can apply for the ECS Gold Card after completing the course. Then you will be able to become a fully qualified electrician.

How long will it take?

Generally speaking, an apprenticeship is run over 3-4 years. If you go down the Diploma & NVQ route, the timescales can vary, but most people complete it in 2-3 years.

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Why you should become an electrician

There are many different ways to learn how to become an electrician in the UK. If you want to sign off on your work to make sure it meets current Building and Wiring Regulations, you must join a Part P Scheme Provider. It doesn’t matter if you took an apprenticeship or a short course. You can enter a scheme after either. Like any other professional endeavour, becoming part of the electrical trade can sometimes feel tricky. But it can also be a lot of fun. After all, electrician training entails using your hands and your mind. In this specialised occupation, it’s practically difficult to get bored! Especially when you’re continuously learning something new every day.

Are electricians needed?

If you want to work in the electrical field, now is a great time because there is a need for skilled workers. The has been a big increase in regulations for installers and landlords. So electricians and domestic installers now need to be qualified to work on electrical installations in a home. This has created a lot of demand for electricians.

Our Swansea electrical training

With years of industry expertise, we have designed our team training courses for the many electrical services in Swansea we offer. This gives a professional programme to teach you all you need to know to become a qualified electrician. So contact us today for more information.