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Fuse Board Installation and Changes Swansea

Photo of a fuse board in Swansea where all the switches are in the correct position

Many people are not aware that the fuse board of their home or office can cause various problems if it is not working correctly. Moreover, the old fuse box might not meet current regulations. Also, you may be unaware that new fuse boxes which are also known as the latest Consumer Units contain DUAL RCDs. So if anything goes wrong, then with the help of DUAL RCD, you can easily cut the electricity supply of your home or office in a fraction of a second. But not to worry because we can handle any fuse board installation and changes in Swansea.


Does The Electrician Swansea work on fuse boards?

Yes, our Swansea electricians provide fuse board installation and changing services in Swansea. Furthermore, we also upgrade equipotential bonding to BS7671 standards. We also can deal with any problems you are facing with your fuse board.

Most common fuse board problems

  • RCD tripping / Circuit breaker tripping
  • Sockets not working
  • Flooding near sockets
  • Complete power failure
  • Burning smell from the fuse box
  • No lights

If you are facing any of the above problems, then you should instantly call a qualified electrician to take a look at your fuse board.

Why should you upgrade your fuse board?

If your existing earthling device is faulty or the existing fuse board is overloaded and requires new, more outgoing ways for a house extension, then it is a good idea to replace it. Also, the main benefit of the new fuse board is that it provides easier resetting of devices in case of a fault. So now there is no more need for fuse wire.

Call the professionals

If you want to install a new fuse board or wish to exchange the previous ones, then contact us now. Also if you think you are facing serious issues then we provide rapid response with our emergency electrician services. So when called, our company electricians first diagnose the problems and then do all the necessary repairs to fix those problems.