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Electrical Inspection and Testing Swansea

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We can offer crucial electrical inspection and testing in Swansea. So our team will test and complete the installation to the most recent wiring regulations. Also, we do electrical installation condition reports or Landlord Safety Certificates.


Electrical installation condition reports

This is often phrased as a landlord certificate or electrical safety check. So for your installation to continue to comply with the national standards we will carry out an inspection which involves a sequence of tests. Then once the inspection is completed, it will:


  • Recognise any defective electrical work.
  • Locate all potential electrical fire hazards or shock risks.
  • Uncover if your equipment or circuits are overloaded.
  • Call attention to any insufficiency of earthing or bonding.

These tests are conducted on the fixed wiring and equipment to completely rule out any unsafe areas. Then once it has finished, a programme of circuits will be provided which describes each of the circuits that have been installed into the property.

Why and how often is a condition report required?

Over some time, electrics like anything else will start to deteriorate and this is why you should carry out regular electrical Swansea checks.  


  • 5 years for a business, rental property or change of tenancy
  • 10 years for a home

What tests are conducted during the report?

The condition report is conducted at the consumer unit and involves testing installation resistance, continuity of ring final conductors, continuity of earth conductors, residual current device trip tests, earth loop impedance and polarity checks. Then our team will further the inspection by looking at different points throughout the property such as sockets, switches and light fittings with a visual examination and instrumental test. This is to ensure good earth and fault current paths are present we will test the supply aspects. So these specific tests are to confirm that the circuit has an earth path to each of the fittings and that the residual current device operates within the specified time and current.

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