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How much does an electrician charge in the UK?

When it comes to the need for an electrician, there is no doubt – The Electrician Swansea is here to help you. It doesn’t matter whether you need a fan or light fixture rewired, an outlet inspected, or new lights installed. Our team of electrical contractors in Swansea can handle a wide range of chores in your house. But are you left wondering how much does an electrician charge in the UK? Keep reading below to find out.

Some of the different charges for an electrician

Hourly rate

The typical hourly rate is between £35 and £60. But some will charge as little as £20-25 an hour. These are likely to be exempt from VAT at 20%. So on average, electrician day charges typically range between £200 and £250 per day. However, prices for emergency electricians might be double those for out-of-hours appointments, roughly £80 per hour.

Minimum fee

Many electricians have a minimum fee that they charge for small jobs. It makes sure that even small jobs are worth an electrician’s time. This is because although the job itself may be short, it still takes time to drive to the location and use their materials. So you can expect to pay about an hour or two of the electrician’s hourly rate for this.

Transport and materials

It is the responsibility of every electrician to pay for their transportation and other expenses such as materials. As a result, every electrician must be self-sufficient and factor these into the final cost. For example, replacing a kettle plug takes typically about 10 minutes. But it’s essential to ensure that customers don’t simply pay for the time it takes. Electricians charge a call-out fee. The regular rate is doubled for the first hour of a new project. There will also be a minimum payment for the first hour. After that, the hourly rate of the electrician returns to normal.

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The location itself and site obstacles

Access concerns within the building extend the job duration and raise labour expenditures. For instance, electricians frequently require access to floor and ceiling voids for specific work, and their inaccessibility also increases the cost. If the loft is walled up, rewiring complications arise upstairs. Also, if the internal wall constructions are solid blocks, sinking new cables will take longer. So numerous complications of this nature can develop during various types of electrical work which can affect the charge.

The cost of materials

Depending on the type of your project, you will probably be required to pay for materials, tools, and other fees incurred by the electrician while performing the work. Ascertain that each item of additional expenditure is approved, and never convey the idea that you have a blank cheque. Adding a profit margin to the cost of materials is typical among electricians. These can range from 10% to 20% and are common in service-oriented firms.

It's not just the price of what something costs

Many people don’t know how much an electrician charges for a job or their rate. While each firm and electrician will have their price list for various projects, it is a good idea to get a sense of how much they charge and how they prepare a quotation for you. But remember that you should not only think about how much something costs. Electricians are highly experienced specialists, and the cost of substandard electrical installations can be fatal.

Find out how much our Swansea electrical team charge today!

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