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Light up your home safely with style.

A Living room with different stylish lights which show the different ways you can light up your home

There are three features of the electrical system in your home that should not be sacrificed at any cost. They are safety, style, and efficiency. The electrical works have to be presented in a tidier and more presentable manner (with the wires properly cased and not allowed to litter around). In addition to this, you need to make certain that it performs well and for the necessary amount of time. Safety is the third and most important element to think about. This is because unprotected naked wires and potential mishaps must be eradicated right from the start of the process. Because of this, it is absolutely necessary to hire an electrician to light up your home who has prior experience. ​

Choosing us to light up your home

​In Swansea, one of Wales’s largest cities, no one does it better than The Electrician Swansea. We understand the terrain and dynamics of electrical Swansea services and ensure that every house that is worked on stands out. So it doesn’t matter what you want because with a wide range of professional electrical services, The Electrician Swansea will ensure your home is not just properly lit, but also extremely safe.

Some of our other services include:


Whether the customer wants a total or partial rewiring, fuse board replacement, electrical installations, or any other form of electrical work, we can get it done. We offer timely and effective rewiring service for smooth electricity supply all over your home.


Whether it’s indoor or outdoor lighting, we’ll give you just the kind of lighting component you need to light up your home. Get your unique kitchen, bathroom or stairway lighting fixed or have someone take care of your outdoor lighting needs like porch lights, steps lights, floodlights, etc.

Alarm systems

We also handle security alarm systems such as sensor and burglar alarms to keep thieves away, CCTV for surveillance, smoke and fire detectors and other forms of security lighting. For us, it goes beyond installation. Maintenance is a key part of our work, ensuring that these installations continue to offer you the value you paid for.

Home entertainment

Getting your groove on has never been made easier. Let our electrician in Swansea fix your home entertainment system. Whether it’s a regular audiovisual system or the most complex designs. We have technicians who are vast in entertainment systems and their various models and peculiarities.

Other services

There are several other services we offer too. Such as fixing wired and wireless local networks, appliance testing, scheduled maintenance, installation condition report (EICR), fixing extensions as well as bathroom and kitchen lighting.

Why you should hire us

You may have fallen into the hands of quacks before. So why not get trusted hands to take care of your next electrical project? Whether it’s your home, guest house or even your office, The Electrician Swansea has a team of experts that pays attention to your needs and delivers beyond your expectations. Here are just some of the reasons to hire us:

Expertise and experience

We have a track record spanning several years. Our staff are experienced and highly knowledgeable in everything relating to electrical work. So the expertise we offer is next to none in the whole of Swansea and surrounding areas.

Cost effective

Who says good service has to be expensive? So not true. Despite our amazing service and attention to detail, we have very competitive rates you won’t believe it. You don’t have to overshoot your budget or break the bank to hire us.

24/7 reach

If you need an emergency electrical service in the Swansea area, we are the best bet. Our lines are always open to customers and potential clients. Also, you can fill out a quote form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Variety and flexibility

Our services are well-rounded to cater to every need you may have. From cottage renovation, rewiring, burglar alarms and electrical heating to fixing appliances and extra sockets. As well as any other custom needs you may have, The Electrician Swansea is your sure bet.

Culture of excellence

One thing that has kept the company at the top is our unwavering pursuit of excellence. Every time we work on a house, our experience and expertise are obvious. But our passion and commitment always make it feel like it’s the first time.

Attention to safety

We know how deadly electrocution is. At The Electrician Swansea, no naked wires are left flying around, junction boxes are properly loaded and covered, appliances are plugged into compatible sockets, etc. An electrical accident is one of the leading causes of fire outbreaks around the world.


Do you want a firm that offers quality and affordable service delivery to light up your home along with any other electrical work? The Electrician Swansea is the way to go. You can give us a call at 01792 989389 or fill out a quote form to get started. You won’t regret it.

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