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Reasons to go for the electric towel rail.

Photo of a chrome electric towel rail in a bathroom

Installing a heated towel rail is a great way to modernise a home bathroom or public restroom. However, there are several considerations to make before settling on the right model for your space. We weighed all of these considerations, and here we outline why an electric towel rail is the best choice for most installations.

Reasons to choose an electric towel

Energy efficient

In recent years, it has become widely known that electrical appliances, including towel warmers, are more energy-efficient. This is when compared to their gas and central-heating-powered counterparts. The reason is because they can be powered and operated independently from a building’s system. So electric towel rails are more energy efficient overall than conventional towel rails. As a result, our domestic electricians in Swansea have seen an increase in installations because of this. Finally, solar power can be used to run an electric towel rail. So this not only helps the environment but also reduces utility costs.

No heat loss

Warm towels add a sense of luxury to any bathroom, and an electric towel rail can do the same for the entire room. Towel rails that draw their power from the central heating system do not make the most efficient use of the available heat. This is because some of it is dissipated as waste heat through convection and radiation. For these reasons, electric towel rails are resourceful and efficient. Plus all of the heat they generate can be put to good use.

Accurate temperature

One of the advantages of an electric towel rail is that its temperature can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. That’s because, unlike the thermostat that regulates the building’s central heating system, electric towel rails have their own dedicated digital thermostat. Furthermore, since the towel rail will be heated directly rather than via the water in the boiler, it will be ready to use much more quickly.

Conclusion on the electric towel

If you want to improve the comfort of your guests when they use the bathroom, consider installing an electric towel rail. You can find an electric towel rail through our electrical Swansea team. This works well because they can advise on one that suits your needs in terms of design, colour, and wattage. Plus some even include convenient features like Wi-Fi connectivity.

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