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How often should you PAT test electrical appliances?

Image of a fluke which is a tool used to pat test electrical appliances

​To maintain the highest degree of fire safety, our local electrician company believe PAT testing is an essential procedure that all firms must carry out. PAT testing is the process of checking all electrical appliances to make sure they are fully functional and safe to use. Rather than performing these tests yourself, you should use a registered, qualified specialist. The Electricity at Work Regulations Act (1989) established the PAT testing regulations, as was previously discussed in the portable appliance testing fundamentals. This procedure has several advantages. But how often should you PAT test electrical appliances? Continue reading to find out.

Do you legally have to do it?

The Health and Safety Executive states that there is no legal requirement regarding the frequency of your PAT testing. However, it should be done frequently enough to avoid “preventative maintenance”. That is, the testing should take place frequently enough to prevent you from needing to call for repairs or maintenance because your appliance is broken.

The frequency of testing should increase as the equipment is used more often

At least once every year, PAT testing should be done. The date of the test will be put on a label attached to the device. Then this can be used to check when the most recent test was performed and when the next test is scheduled. Equipment should be examined more frequently as it may be more prone to malfunction the more often it’s used. Appliances are anything that is plugged into a socket. Not simply what you might consider standard appliances, like refrigerators and microwaves.

What about where the equipment is?

It’s not just the frequency of usage that affects how often you should PAT test electrical appliances. The environment in which the appliance is used also comes into consideration. For example, a blender in a kitchen should be checked far less regularly than a piece of heavy machinery on a building site or a machine in a hospital.

Favourably viewed by insurance providers

Instead of needing to check labels or make educated guesses about when a test is necessary, it is advisable to create a plan for your PAT testing. With the help of a fire safety business, you can set up routine inspections of your apparatus. As a result, guarantees that all necessary fire safety laws are followed. And that your appliances will be tested at the appropriate intervals. Also, insurance companies view it favourably. Since it shows you are making the required efforts to ensure the safety of your employees, visitors to your property, and yourself.

Favourably viewed by insurance providers

It’s important to make sure that every area of your business is as safe as possible. So you should frequently PAT test electrical appliances. In effect, it ensures that any potential problems with them are discovered and fixed in good time. Our local electricians in Swansea take great pride in offering our clients thorough PAT testing. Please contact us right away if you would like further details!

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