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How to safely put up Christmas lights.

A photo of warm glow Christmas lights as this post advises on how to safely put them up

​Back to that time of year again! Many people are eager to share some holiday cheer by putting up their Christmas decorations early. You should always use caution while working with electricity. But you may be especially concerned about the security of your outdoor Christmas lights. In this blog post, we will discuss the steps involved in how to safely put up Christmas lights. As well as the precautions you should take.

Steps and precautions for putting up Christmas lights

Make a plan

Think about the overall feel and style you want to achieve before you go out and buy new lighting. Also, think about the dimensions, colour design, and power source. Do this so that if you overestimate the length of your front window by too much, you won’t have to make a second journey back to the store. But allow for some wiggle room in the measurements to prevent the lights from being strained. Finally, think about how far you have to reach with the cord to plug into the wall.

Inspect your fuse box

Make sure the outside fuse box is still entirely watertight and undamaged by weathering effects. This is only if you plan to utilise it to power your lights. Also, make sure the power is on and the lights are working properly by plugging them into the fuse box before you hang them. If it is damaged then give our Swansea electricians a call and we can come and take a look.

Plastic snap clips

Use plastic clip holders instead of nails or staples to secure lighting to your gutters or porch roof. Doing so will lessen the possibility of your home being damaged by electricity travelling through the metal. Then you can use them the following year if you have used them correctly.

Waterproof extension lead

If your outside fuse is located in the rear of your home and no length of cable can reach it, a watertight extension cord may be the answer. B&Q recommends a cable reel because they are longer and usually waterproof. Similarly, if you wish to use an interior outlet to power outside lights, you can run the cables through the windows. But make sure the wire is thin enough that you can still close your windows to keep out the cold if you insist on installing them through a window. Then lastly just make sure the cords are not a tripping hazard inside or outside the house by tucking them away neatly.

Buy LED lights

Instead of using filament bulbs, you can use LED lights because they are safer and last longer while costing you less money. Also, the energy consumption is reduced since their low wattage is typically 80-90% less than that of traditional filament bulbs. As they consume less power, they’re not as hot to the touch, which lessens the chance that one will get burned.

Securely store your lights

When the winter season is over and it’s time to take down the decorations, handle the lights with the same caution you would the fragile ornaments on your Christmas tree. You shouldn’t pack them all in a box together and risk getting them tangled. Instead, store them in a dry, moisture-free environment, coiled up in a box. This will protect your outdoor Christmas lights from the elements and extend their lifespan.


So that’s our quick lesson on how to safely put up Christmas lights. But as a last few pointers:


  • Keep the manuals that come with the lights for future reference, since they provide important information. 
  • Make sure the outdoor Christmas lights you buy are completely watertight, not only rain-proof but splash-proof, or jet-proof. 
  • Before going to bed or leaving the house, it is a good idea to turn off any exterior lights that are plugged into the mains or a socket. 

Our local electricians send you best wishes for a joyous and peaceful holiday season!

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