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Must know electrical energy saving life hacks.

Image of an electrical energy saving light bulb

Has the recent increase in energy prices made you more conscious of how much electricity you use on lights, laundry, and the cooker? Then learn these electrical energy saving tips on how to save on electricity bills and reduce your home’s energy consumption. The professional electrical Swansea team can help you with these simple steps you can take to reduce your bill.

Simple habits

If you want to save money on your electricity bill then change your everyday behaviour. This is because energy conservation can be accomplished by simply turning off lights and appliances when they are not in use. You can also reduce your energy use by undertaking manual household duties, such as air-drying your clothing instead of using a dryer and hand-washing your dishes. Also, check the seals on the windows, doors, and appliances. And finally, inspect the tightness of the seals on your refrigerator and freezer to ensure that the cold air stays where it should be. A defective seal will allow energy to escape, which will result in your bank account being empty.

Winter and summer temperature changes

Turning down the heat on your thermostat in the winter and using your air conditioner less in the summer are the changes in behaviour with the most potential to reduce utility costs. These reductions in the intensity and frequency of heating and cooling give the biggest savings. This is because heating and cooling expenses account for roughly half of a typical home’s utility bills.

Use a smart meter

There are tools available for determining where the majority of your home’s electricity is going and which appliances use the most electricity daily. Furthermore, you should choose the most energy-efficient model when you need to replace an appliance. Depending on the size, the cost of running a washing machine can range from £15 to £70 per year. The EU energy-efficiency rating is the best way to see how energy-efficient a product is.

Also use smart power gadgets

Use smart power gadgets. Some electronic devices never really turn off. Instead, they stay in “standby” mode, which uses a small amount of power that can add up over time and devices. Because the remote sensor needs power while it waits for your input, these are usually, but not always, things that you control with a remote. Connect these devices to a smart power strip, which will turn off the power when the devices are not being used.

What is a power strip?

Using power strips to eliminate phantom loads is also useful. Phantom loads are the energy consumed by your electronics after they have been turned off. Even when you’re not watching television, your flat screen continues to use electricity. Connecting all of your electronic devices to a power strip eliminates these phantom loads. After utilising the electronic gadgets, unplug the power strip to cut electricity to all of them. As soon as you get rid of these phantom loads, your energy expenses will begin to decline.


Combine these electrical energy saving tactics with the lower energy costs you can get from an affordable provider. As a result, you’ll free up extra room in your budget to spend money on the things you want. But if you would like to learn more about energy-saving tips, contact our electricians in Swansea today.​

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