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Signs that your house needs a Swansea electrical service.

Photo of a lot of wires that need checking by a Swansea electrical service

Our homes benefit significantly from electricity, but it may also be a severe hazard if not installed or maintained correctly. The electrical wiring in your home is an important part of its infrastructure. So it is critical to perform a professional electrical evaluation to ensure it is in good working order. If you are unsure whether your home requires an assessment, here are some signs to look for to help you determine when you should contact a professional Swansea electrical service for your subsequent evaluation.

Signs you need to contact a Swansea electrical service

Sparks coming from your outlets

Check if your electrical outlet sparks when you plug in an appliance. It doesn’t matter if there are big or tiny sparks when it comes to electrical work. Sparking outlets are inconvenient, but they also indicate the need for electrical outlet repair. Sparks can be caused by faulty outlets, old wiring, and overloaded circuits. Contact an electrician if you observe sparks coming from your electrical outlets. It could be a simple remedy, but you shouldn’t delay contacting assistance if it’s something more serious.

Switches and outlets stop working

When light switches and outlets stop working, it may just mean that you have blown a circuit. So if you notice that the lights are out or that your appliances won’t turn on, you should first check the circuit breaker. But if the circuit breaker doesn’t seem to be the problem, you may have a much bigger issue on your hands. This is a sign that there is a bad connection somewhere in your electrical system.

Notice a burning smell

If you smell something burning or unusual emanating from an outlet or switch, this almost always indicates a significant problem. It could mean that the wiring is scorching under the faceplate of the device. You must switch off and unhook everything currently plugged into the outlet. Then please refrain from using that outlet again until you have had the chance to have it inspected by a qualified electrician.

Hear a sound

Electrical fittings must operate quietly. So if you hear a buzzing, crackling, or hissing sound coming from anywhere in the house, you must investigate the source. Except for the sound of any appliance operating, there should be no sound when using electricity, even if it is connected to any high-voltage bulbs. Another telltale sign of trouble is when you feel a tingling sensation when you touch a switch or a wall in your home. When you touch a switch, your hands may feel as if they are vibrating. There is a faulty connection in the area.


Mishandling electricity can result in fires, bodily harm, and even death. Additionally, electrical faults can result in defective outlets and exorbitantly high energy costs. While you may be able to wire a plug and change a light bulb, there are many more complicated electrical tasks which take years of training and advanced safety knowledge to complete. If your home exhibits any of the warning signals above, it is better to get in touch with a Swansea electrical service. Our teams of licensed and insured electricians can inspect your home from top to bottom, looking for any problems. Then we can provide any advice that may be necessary to preserve your property for many years to come.

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